The ponytail experience

by whittleicious

Following the last post, I have a couple of  ponytail hairstyles that I would like to share it with you . I have already tried this hairstyles and I can assure you that it´s actually pretty easy to do.

If  you have a long beautiful hair you don´t really need the hair extensions. The hair extensions it will make your  ponytail look longer and wider and don´t worry because it does not look fake at all (  but you need to pick the matching color to your hair  )

With each image I attached a how to video , that´s going to help you to achieve the look that you have picked .

By the way don´t forget to buy bobby pins !!

Have fun!

3. Olivia Wilde / 4. Blake Lively

5.Three braided wrap around ponytail / 6. braided wrap around ponytail

On this video she has a curly / wavy hair , but it´s the exact  same process you only have repeat the warping around the ponytail  as many times as you would like , so it give you the layered  look ( image 5 ).

7. Rope Braided ponytail