Let the right one in

by whittleicious

Ok, Before I show you a really nice makeup tutorial,  I would like to share with you some foundation tips.

Foundation alert

 1.Check your skin type  – oily, dry, combination or normal  ( I will dedicate a post just on the skin types )

2. Select the  correct foundation color  .You can check this by applying the foundation on the line of your jar and it also needs to match with your neck . Please note that you can have two different foundations colors,  one for summer and another for the winter time .


3. Select the best foundation for you  ( compact / liquid / stick )

1. Liquid foundation / 2. stick foundation / 3. Compact foundation

4. On the image  you can see the difference between the compact and the liquid foundations. This is also the test you do on the back of your hand to check the foundations differences.  The compact ( it’ll give a better coverage,  also better for bad skin )  it´s more condensed and doesn’t drain.  On the other hand the  liquid foundation is more moisturized and drains more easily .

How to apply the foundation

You can apply the foundation with your hands , the foundation brush or a sponge. My advise is to use the foundation brush, because if you use your fingersnails it will not give the best coverage . On the other hand if you use the sponge , it will absort a good amount of your foundation . Anyways you need to choose what is the best for you.

1. Pro wedges sponges / 2. Foundation Mac brush / 3. Sephora Beauty blender sponge

I selected this videos because the tutorial girl  uses another type of foundation brush and she also mixes two foundations ( which you can also do  ) . Enjoy !

Where can you buy it?

You can get the make up brushes and  spondges in Sephora , Boots, Superdrug …. any beauty spots. If  you don´t really want to spend much money, you should probably go to ebay and buy individual brushes / sponges or get a small brush set case  for only 7 euros and the quality is not that bad. I bought my 1st brush set case on ebay and I was quite  happy about it.

1. Ebay.co.uk / Uk Lydia Black 7pcs make up set with black case – £4.79

Thanks for Reading !