Month: Fevereiro, 2012

The Dragon lady

This could be my 2012 favorite saga the Millennium, directed by  Niels Arden Opley.  I read all the books and watch all the movies and it´s  just as great. I am talking  about the Swedish version of course! If you are addicted to this saga just like me you must watch the Swedish version!!! I can imagine how great it was the American version an all…. but I hate American remakes it really  gets my F*king nerves .

Anyways … Congrats  Rooney Mara who won a Golden Globe nomination (playing Lisbeth Salander) and who also has great taste in clothes (Givenchy ) .

Rooney Mara


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The white blondie

In one of my favorite TV serie The Mentalist, I particularly love this new guess star  that  joined the serie . Her name is Summer Edgecombe ( Samaire Armstrong ), she plays this groovy , super cool character that helps the CBI solve  cases and also has an “affair” with one of the characters Kimball  Cho. The chemistry between both is so beautiful and sometimes hilarious….

The best ? Her white hair and taste for clothing is absolutely stunning.

“summer” trend

Summer hairstyle inspiration

How to tutorial:

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Set in stone

 Fotography : Fabi Fotógrafa
Model : Fania Bissig
Hair and make-up : Sara Whittle
Photography assistant: Nani Espinha
Assistant:  Alexandre Costa






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Geometric Beauty

Fotography : Fabiana Guerreiro / Fabi Fotógrafa
Assistant: Biia Galvanito
Model: Ana Rita Sousa
Stylist & Make up: Sara Whittle
Headpieces: Sara whittle
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Perfect catch / Perfect match


Tumblr_lg3ptgd33g1qbuhado1_500_largeThe notebook

Tumblr_lx79aykem41qbgivgo1_500_largePerfect sense

Tumblr_lira8f620v1qf62pi_largeThe Romantics


And the epic Pride & Prejudice

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The perfect sense

I introduce to you  my very first accessorize line ( I´m working on a new one now, so keep your eyes open ) . This  amazing photographes were taken by this  two amazing bloggers that have published my statement necklaces ( have a sneak peek to their blogs , you will love it!  ) . Thanks guys for collaborating with me !

Enjoy it


Whittle necklaces  / by Sietske L /


Whittle acessories / by Eliana Masgalos /

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Naughty and nice

My latest obsession?  I will have to say that I completely adore the metallic cuffs. This bold metallic cuffs are in fact  a perception of desirable beauty and defined by it´s presence in the outfit .

Get naughty and wear some cuffs!


Where can you get it ?

3. H&M metalic cuffs

4. Asos hammered double cuffs / £18.00





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Let the african prints take you


Holly Fulton /  SS2012

Nail inspirations




Sefakor Gbewonyo shoes

Cole´s Red lips

As I´ve promised  I selected a really cute  Cherly Cole ( “parachute” single cover ) make up tutorial . I love this look because is really glamourous and you can wear it day or night . The eye look is my favorite ! If you have difficults to do the eyeliner , you should probably try the eyeliner gel ( from Mac , bobbi brown or calvin klein ) it really makes the difference . By the way don´t forget the eyeliner gel brush !!

Eyeliner inspirations

 Cheryl Cole Parachute how to tutorial

1.Armani Luminous Silk foundation/ 2.Bobbi Brown Mahogany e/s on brows/ 3.MAC Studio finish concealer / 4.MUFE /5.Concealer pencil / 6.Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin/ 7.MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black/ 8.Lancome Hypnose Mascara /9.Chanel Bronze Universel/ 10.Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 19 Gabrielle /11.Chanel Loose powder in 20/ 12.MAC No.7 lashes.

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